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We do more than simply sell labels. We work with you to determine and create the perfect label for your needs and products.

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Gifts & Cosmetics

Packaging is an essential component to the overall customer journey, the importance of which cannot be overstated. Our commitment to high quality labels allows you to present an extremely professional and polished image on your products.

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Metallic & Hot Foil

Ideal for use on luxury goods such as candles and alcohol bottles, metallic and foil labels make your product stand out against the competition.

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Embossed labels can enhance the look of any product. Using male and female dies we are able to give a 3D effect to many materials. Embossed labels can also be used where a tactile finish is desired, for example when writing in Braille.


Compostable / Recyclable

A premium paper which is EN13432 approved making it 100% compostable, suitable for food and waste recycling. The perfect solution for products which are environmentally friendly.

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Pre-Printed for Overprinting

Overprinting is used to add variable information to a base label, for example batch or serial numbers. Embossing and laminating can also be incorporated.


Window Stickers

Applications include shop and office windows, car windscreens, and packaging using clear plastic or glass containers.



We can produce multi-page labels which is a perfect solution for when space is at a premium. 

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3-D Domed

The ultimate label to enhance the look of a product is a “domed” or 3D label. 

Full colour photo quality print or metallic foil base labels coated in a clear resin which enhances colour and detail.

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QR Code

To assist with point of sale marketing or to facilitate a call to action on a product or  packaging, we can include a QR code design onto a label. The end user then scans this with their smartphone to be taken to a website, app etc.


Bar Codes & Serial Numbers

Whether your requirement is for individual identical or serialised bar code labels, we can supply all your needs. 

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Food & Drink

As well as providing finished labels for use on all food and drink products, we can also supply pre-printed base labels allowing you to overprint variable information such as use-by dates.


Testing & Inspection

Self adhesive labels are the ideal way of recording electrical and mechanical testing information directly onto appliances, so these are ideal for PAT testing. Labels can be supplied with barcodes and can be written on and even sealed afterwards.

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Electronic & Industrial

We can supply the correct combination of material, adhesive and finish for labels used in industrial and electronics environments. These are able to withstand a wide range of conditions.

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Write & Seal / Split Laminate

These allow for variable information, like date and initials, to be added to a label at the time of application, and then for the label to be fully laminated to provide excellent protection against wear and tear and moisture.

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We have a wide range of void & tamper evident materials. These types of materials are designed to provide evidence that the label or product has been tampered with.

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Blank Labels

Whether you require labels on rolls, sheets, large or small quantities on a variety of materials, Premier Labels can supply all your requirements at very competitive prices.