Friendship day with Siabann

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Happy Friendship day everyone!

We decided to take this opportunity to celebrate our friendship with the wonderful Siabann. Below you will see how our incredible friendship blossomed, the kinds of labels we print for them, the products Siabann create and the things we like about each other. Celebrate your friendships people! They are such beautiful things. 

Premier Labels: How did we first start working together? (S) 

Siabann: I have been making soap and skincare for over 10 years and I am almost as passionate about the packaging and presentation of the products as I am about the products. I met Gary and Geoff and they shared my enthusiasm! 

Premier Labels: What do you like about working with us?

Siabann: When you run your own business, you have so many things to think about, it is reassuring to know that your labels are in good hands!  All the staff are so approachable and knowledgeable! What do you like about working with us?

Premier Labels: Fiona and Sue are professional and personable. They are always a joy to work with. We especially love Fiona’s engaging and enthusiastic nature, its infectious! What is your favourite label we have printed for you?

Siabann: That’s like asking me which is my favourite child! If pushed I would say our Champagne Skin Candle. It has a lovely gold accent that makes it quite special. What is your favourite Siabann product?

Premier Labels: We particularly love Siabann’s new reed diffuser range. We had the pleasure of smelling all 3 new fragrances at the Harrogate Home and gift show earlier this month. Our favourite is the Seashore scent. Why is our friendship so special?

Siabann: It is lovely to work with a company who have been on your journey with you …the staff at Premier always me me feel that my order is special and important.

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