Foil = luxury


Metallic foils really make a label stand out and add a touch of luxury to any product. They are perfect for products such as candles, gift boxes, alcohols and cosmetics. Used alone or in combination, we can produce very high visual impact labels that will help your product stand out from the crowd.

In addition to gold, silver and a whole range of metallic colours, we can incorporate many new and innovative foil based technologies to further enhance your visibility. These include:

Pearlised Foil

Pearlised Foil Image 070618.jpg

Gives a pearlised finish which is available in a range of muted pastel colours.

Diffraction Foil

Other Patterns

diffraction foil.jpg
Other Patterns Image.jpg

Often known as Holographic pattern foil. Available in an evergrowning range of patterns adding prestige and a degree of security to any label.

An extensive range of patterns are available, please contact us for more details

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